Driving school comparison: Find your driving schools in your region

Compare driving schools and driving instructors with prices, ratings and much more.

Find driving schools and driving instructors nearby

Finding the right driving school doesn't have to be tedious. With the driving instructor comparison from todrive.ch you can easily search for the driving school in your area and filter, sort and compare it according to your needs. You will quickly get a very good overview of the various offers. This is how you can find your suitable driving instructor.

Tips to compare driving schools

The best way to find your driving school is to compare several driving schools and their prices and ratings. However, you should first look at the costs of the driving lessons as a sideline. This is the most common mistake made by learner drivers when looking for an instructor.

Much more important than the price is that the driving school suits you and your personal requirements. It is important that you feel comfortable in the driving lesson, so you will learn faster. In the end, you have to take fewer driving lessons and thus also save money. It is therefore advisable not to rush into choosing a driving school.

Offer to driving schools and driving students

The driving school comparison is ideally adapted to the needs of the driving students and driving schools and is easy to use. In this way, driving students can quickly find their suitable or best driving school. Driving schools can also get additional driving students in a very simple way.

How will the comparison of driving schools be expanded and further developed?

The driving school comparison from todrive.ch is continuously expanded and further developed through valuable feedback and user data. Detailed information is sent to the driving schools by email update or is available on request.

As a driving school, how do I create a profile at todrive.ch?

As a driving school, you practically don't have to do anything. The todrive.ch team will create your profile completely free of charge. Simply contact us via WhatsApp, email or phone call and we will do the rest for you. So you get additional learner drivers without any effort. Todrive.ch is also open to and interested in partnerships of any kind and we look forward to hearing from you.

In which cantons is the driving school comparison available?

The driving school comparison will initially be published in Basel and the region. The entire German-speaking part of Switzerland, including the largest cities such as Zurich, Bern, Winterthur, St. Gallen, Lucerne, etc. will then be developed. Driving schools can therefore already commission the creation of their driving school profile at todrive.ch free of charge.